we will

we will burn like shenanigans,

spritz like Franks,

hiss tornados. It’s a glyph.

I spatulate.

we will gather as loopholes,

flume as dotards,

heave chords. It’s an aleph.

I coruscate.

we will shop like flipflops,

repatriate like Venus,

shimmy trellises. It’s a remedy.

I antediluviate.

we will chrome as toenails,

masticate as mailboxes,

eschew coordinates. It’s galactic.

I pontificate.

we will banter like silk,

harden like tuna,

cauterize daisies. It’s one dollar.

I balloon.

we will brook as stars,

chalk as chauffeurs,

eulogize citrus. It’s ontological.

I form.

we will elasticize like bezoars,

reify like implants,

susurrate goblets. It’s the cardigan.

I blaspheme.

we will derive as alabaster,

solder as peanut butter,

dice boulders. It’s cumulus.

I flange.

we will aspirate like potholes,

gladden like amputees,

control light. It’s one virus.

I contort.

we will.


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